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Using a Tree as a Giant Diffuser for Macro Photography

A great post on how to use natural features to enhance photography. I think it is probably especially relevant for trying to photograph grassland and grassy woodland flora as we enter Spring in the Southern Hemisphere…

The Prairie Ecologist

I want to start by acknowledging the irony in this post.  As someone who has spent a lot of time killing trees in prairies and urging others to do the same, it’s pretty funny that this post is all about the positive aspects of having a big tree in a prairie wetland.  In my defense, I’ve never said there shouldn’t be ANY trees in prairies, and I’m writing this particular post as a photographer, not an ecologist.  Matt H and other tree lovers – this one’s for you. 

I was out on the edge of one of our restored wetlands last week as the sun was coming up.  The wind was calm, the weather was cool, and I was hoping for some nice close-up photos of flowers and insects.  Most photographers know that first light is a great time for photography because the sunlight is soft and warm as the sun pops over…

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