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Yankee Hat – worth the drive

There are some awesome walks in Australia.  Yankee Hat presents some of the most accessible Aboriginal Rock-Art in the country…

I’m sure many locals think you need to head to the top-end to see Indigenous art in the landscape, but it’s not the case. The drive out from Canberra takes pretty much the same time as the walk to the rock-art. But the walk itself presents a variety of gems before reaching the crown jewels.

On a long weekend “Dadurday” I had the opportunity to take Ms6 on her first 6 km walk – and we had a great time.  If she can do it, you can!

On the way, I tried to answer a million questions on Indigenous people – some easy answers – “they ate kangaroos and raspberries”, some difficult questions – “why didn’t they eat the foxes that took the bettongs?” – and some deflections – “let’s just check-out their artwork”.

This is the first of my ‘favourite walks’ posts…


Some of the locals invited their family for afternoon tea:


Send me some suggestions for ‘must-do’ walks – I have a few more to write up but looking for interesting eco-enviro-landscape options…


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