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Lessons on Nature from the Global Pandemic

The world’s most important natural experiment going on all around us…

Eric Dorfman

Backyard turkey A turkey in the garden. Photo: Joanna Sivers

There was a turkey in our backyard this morning. It was scratching around the the wood pile looking for whatever small animals might be living there. Despite diving for my phone, I missed getting a photo of it, so here’s a picture from somebody else. Living in an urban area as we do, it’s pretty rare to see turkeys outside big wooded parks. Assuming we’re not just being more observant, the lockdown-driven lack of cars and foot traffic have given this bird an opportunity to expand its territory, or at least its hours of operation.

Then, a few minutes ago, in broad daylight, a herd of deer just loped across a major intersection. It was a surreal sight, akin to the goats in Wales, the civet in India, the mountain lions in Chile, and the peacocks in Spain

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