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Conflicts and Alignments of Interests

Our experience is affected by the great people and organisations we work with, here are our conflicts and alignments of interests:

Pro-bono Interests:

Paid Interests:

  • JC is engaged by Riverview Group to provide advice on establishment and management of a conservation trust for the Murrumbidgee River Corridor at the West Belconnen Project
  • JC is engaged by the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust for executive management support
  • JC has been engaged by the ACT Parks and Conservation Service to support the review of the Canberra Nature Park Plan of Management and for business planning support for Wildlife ACT
  • JC has been engaged by Jade Tiger Abalone for media and communications support
  • JC has been engaged to develop a Business Plan for ACT Wildlife
  • JC has been engaged by ACT NRM to support their corporate planning
  • JC has been engaged by Greening Australia for Government Relations support


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